Why You Should Consider Becoming A Dental Assistant

Career-PathA career as a dental assistant has certainly been catching countless people’s attention and occupying their minds here recently; but why? There are several fathomable reasons why someone would be interested in becoming a dental assistant right now, here are just a few:


Job Description:

A dental assistant’s job is less involved than the dentist’s in regards to the actual process of operating on and cleaning teeth. In other words, it’s a little less hands on and this seems to be more appealing than a dentist’s job description to some people looking into this job. A dental assistant’s job is to sanitize and prepare clean tools for the dentist to have available prior to his next patient. They also tidy up the exam rooms, clean and check the functionality of dental tools after each use, and are sometimes responsible for shutting off all appliances and closing up. During the procedures performed by the dentist, the dental assistant will hand over tools to the dentist that are asked for to make things easier for him. It is also their job to help with anything else that would be of assistance to the dentist. At times, a dental assistant will be required to do tasks such as administering X-rays and making molds of a patients teeth as well.


Dental Assistant School And Salary:

Another common appealing aspect of a career as a dental assistant is that it takes much less schooling than a dental hygienist or dentist. A job as a dental assistance typically requires only a high school diploma and some further education relevant to the work field. Some colleges and trade schools offer dental assistant programs, where you acquire an associate’s degree following completion.

Although it takes less schooling to become a dental assistant, pay is still relatively good. The average annual salary is $34,000. The salary for this career ranges anywhere from $22,710 to $47,070. Your pay is mainly determined by region and the type of office you choose to work for, such as a dentist’s office or a physician’s office.


Work Environment:

A career as a dental assistant is also alluring to many people because it offers a large discount on their own dental care and also offers favorable flexible hours. As a dental assistant, you can work around your schedule. Dental assistants don’t have to work weekends or holidays and holidays are usually paid for. This is rather important to those that attend school or have families. Both full time and part time work is available with regular operating hours.

If you want a clean, friendly, social work environment, a dental assistant may be the job you’re looking for. You will encounter, and help assist, different patients daily. Each day, you will be doing something different, which beats the same old boring tiring routines of some other jobs. You’ll also be able to have a sense of pride knowing that you’ve made a positive impact in someone Else’s life each day.


Transferable Skills:

When you become a dental assistant, you will gain experience. The more experience you gain, the more qualified you will be to work in other fields. In other words, this is a career that opens up even more opportunities for you. Many dental assistants end up continuing schooling after learning ample dental technology simply through their dental assistant work experience. They often later decide to continue their schooling to become dental lab technicians, dental office managers, dental hygienists and dentists. Unlike other careers, a career as a dental assistant always leaves doors open for you; you are never stuck and it is never the end of the road.  To find more information about other careers, The Career Trove is a great resource.



The main reason people are eagerly looking into a career as a dental assistant right now is because dental assistant jobs are on the rise. This is extremely important when looking into a career right now due to our economy. Employment in the dental line of work is expected to rise 31% between 2010 and 2020. The dental profession gives reassurance of stability, which in return, gives those seeking a dental career that peace of mind.